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how to print paper napkins

China ACE MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED certification
China ACE MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED certification
I have bought several high speed napkin paper machines from ACE MACHINERY. They have been working perfectly.

—— Michael

I was happy to buy tissue paper machines from ACE MACHINERY. They offered me high quality tissue machines and good after sales service.

—— Pat

For me, ACE is the best manufacturer high speed paper napkin machine and high speed hand towel machine in CHINA.

—— Gomez (paper napkin converter)

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how to print paper napkins
Latest company news about how to print paper napkins

Process flow of how to print paper napkins
Since flexographic printing belongs to ink printing, when it encounters water or ink, it is easy to cause swelling of the paper. After printing, the local unevenness will affect the next printing, and it is also easy to cause wrinkles. At the same time, the swellable printing material also aggravates the fluctuation of tension. The overprint accuracy fluctuates greatly, making it difficult to produce good products. Secondly, due to the poor wet resistance strength of toilet paper, after contacting with the printing plate, it is easy to bring loose fibers on the paper to the plate surface, resulting in paste plate, so that the printing cannot be carried out continuously, and the printing quality and yield are more seriously affected. Ordinary facial tissue is made of two or three layers of wrinkle-free toilet paper, which is hinged, then flexographically printed, and then passed through a toothed roller and

A simple combination formed by the embossing of paper foil rolls, most Chinese napkins belong to this category. Nowadays, most of the napkins on the European and American tables are micro-sizing and compounding the materials before printing. Such napkins are smooth, wrinkle-free, textured and heavy. There is also a special product, the micro-adhesive compound product, whose printing layer is in the middle. The three-layer structure, so it has good texture and flexibility, and the product surface is more beautiful.

For the napkins produced by domestic printers, efforts should be made to change the embossing and lamination to the method of micro-sizing and compounding before printing, so as to make the quality of napkins a qualitative leap. In addition, domestic napkins should also be improved in materials to narrow the gap with foreign products. For example, try to use wood pulp with higher purity to produce base paper, add enough anti-moisture agent, and strive to meet the printing requirements in terms of surface flatness and moisture resistance.

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