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What are the raw materials for making paper napkins

China ACE MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED certification
China ACE MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED certification
I have bought several high speed napkin paper machines from ACE MACHINERY. They have been working perfectly.

—— Michael

I was happy to buy tissue paper machines from ACE MACHINERY. They offered me high quality tissue machines and good after sales service.

—— Pat

For me, ACE is the best manufacturer high speed paper napkin machine and high speed hand towel machine in CHINA.

—— Gomez (paper napkin converter)

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What are the raw materials for making paper napkins

What are the raw materials for making paper napkins
The paper we need in our lives includes roll paper, tissue paper and napkins. Friends who want to do toilet paper processing often ask about toilet paper processing equipment for processing roll paper. In fact, only roll paper toilet paper processing is a bit limited, although toilet paper The sales volume of paper napkins is relatively large, and the number of users is relatively wide, but if you want to do paper product processing, you should focus on consumers of all income levels, and the sales of napkins in cities are still relatively large. , the city can find a larger market. Because of the slightly higher grade of napkins, the raw materials used are also different. Let's talk about the raw materials used in the processing of napkins.

The raw material for napkin processing in toilet paper processing equipment is large roll paper. The types of large roll paper can be divided into deinking paper, sugarcane pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper, mixed pulp paper, wood pulp paper, etc. Among them, the quality of deinking paper The worst, the price per ton is also relatively low, and the price of the paper produced is relatively low. From the perspective of the rural market, high-quality wood pulp toilet paper has a relatively high cost and a relatively high price, so it is unlikely that many people will be willing to use this kind of paper, while the cost of deinking paper is relatively low. Pulp paper is more economical, so more people are willing to buy cheap deinked toilet paper, so it seems that deinking paper is the best raw material for napkin processing in rural areas.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the toilet paper used have also increased, especially the napkins used for wiping the mouth. Whether it is restaurants, hotels and other places, the grade of napkins used is improving. It is not suitable to use the worst deinking paper. Therefore, you can choose raw materials of different materials for processing according to the market you sell, among which the quality is the best. The raw material is wood pulp paper.

In napkin processing, not only raw materials are important, but processing equipment is more important. A high-quality napkin machine can make the product more delicate and flawless. No matter what kind of raw material, it can be processed with toilet paper processing equipment. At present, the most used toilet paper processing equipment on the market is the 1880 type toilet paper rewinder. A complete set of equipment can be used to produce finished products. The 1880 type toilet paper rewinding machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation. It not only has advantages in the selection of raw materials, but also can increase the output to a certain extent and reduce the loss of paper products.

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